Advance of both the films is open at Cinepax Cinemas, Nueplex Cinemas and Atirum Cinemas.. Cinepax Cinemas had started advance for some days for both films with over 75% tickets sold for Wrong No. for 70+ shows on 3 days of Eid.. Bin Roye has less number of shows (50) in the cinemas for 3 days of Eid and ticket being sold are around 40%.. Bajranagi Bhaijaan has just seen limited advance there and that too from last night but early response is very good..

Nueplex cinemas is going very strong for both Wrong No. and Bin Roye as both’s advnace is now open for some days.. Bin Roye has 20 shows for first two days of Eid with around 50% tickets sold out while Wrong No. has 12 shows in same period and around 65% tickets sold out.. Bajrangi Bhaijaan saw advance staring in this cinema just yesterday and with 13 shows and around 25% tickets sold out just in a day..

Atrium Cinemas saw start of advance just yesterday and early response suggest Bajrangi Bhaijaan is on top!! Overall the big multiplexes are seeing best advance for Wrong No. with around 50% tickets sold out for Eid three days while Bin Roye has around 30-35% tickets sold out.. All The three big releases have almost same concentration of shows at multiplexes and they all will be houseful on 3 days.. Difference will come at single screens where most shows are going to either Bajrangi Bhaijaan or Bin Roye and almost nominal shows to Wrong No.


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