It wasn’t long ago that Adnan Siddique condemned and apologized Aamir Liaquat’s comments on Sridevi and Irrfan Khan. Now the actor himself is under fire for ridicule. A clip of Adnan Siddique and cricketer Sarfaraz Ahmed fro Jeeto Pakistan is making rounds on the internet. The clip has snippets of Adnan Siddique taking jibes at Sarfaraz by mimicking him. This has upset fans who believe he was making fun of Sarfaraz’s lisps, which is offensive.

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People termed his attitude rude as he made fun of Sarfaraz’s speech impairment and demanded the actor to apologize to Sarfaraz.

Many called out Adnan Siddique for being hypocrite and reminded him of his stance in the whole Aamir Liaquat situation.

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