So Eid is upon us as three big films are releasing tomorrow!! Actor In Law is looking comfortable to lead on day one but it might not open as big as every one is expecting! The craze like Sultan, Jawani Phir Nahi Ani or Waar is not visible at advance counter especially in Punjab! But Punjab will pick up today but it still won’t be even 25% of Sultan which was a phenomenon.

Film will open better among other three releases but right now it looks Eid Day One won’t be as crazy as last year or Eid ul Firt earlier this year.. Karachi is always fast at advance counter and Actor In Law is very strong there is advance sales with tickets selling very fast but such trend is not seen in Punjab and there are multiple reasons for that.. Punjab always open it’s advance at last minute which means advance mostly pick up a day before release plus Punjab usually has better numbers for Hindi releases and big cast films and Actor In Law fit well in both categories but it had very slow promotions in Punjab (esp Lahore) which might be the reason of not a big advance at places where it is open.

Punjab will be the big deciding factor for Actor In Law tomorrow if it has to touch 1.5cr mark then it will have to be houseful at masses and plexes of Punjab from eve onward.. But even if film doesn’t reach 1.5cr mark still it will have good chances in coming days as it has most favorable genre at all Pakistan level and will see good holds over the big 6 Day Weekend!


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