Action Jackson is a story of Vishy and AJ fighting against bad goons and bashing them as they are hunting down AJ and his family..

Every Movie has it’s pluses and minuses but here biggest plus is superb performance by Ajay Devgan and in some parts by Sonakshi Sinha.. It’s direction where film falls badly as its poor atleast for Prabhudeva standard who gave Wanted and Rowdy Rathore.. Even tough script is predictable but it’s engagin screenplay which makes it quite intriguing.. Dialogues are also worthy with jubilant Ajay Devgan..

Biggest drawback is direction which makes no sense at many times as it seems typical Tamil movie.. Furthermore music and choreography are also not worthy..

Overall it’s a typical Masaala Hindi movie rather let me correct myself as Tamil movie but it’s super awesome performances and decent screenplay that makes it a fair venture.. Go for it if you are Ajay Devgan or massala film fan..


Rating:- ***


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