Coronavirus pandemic has hit the whole world and governments around the world have taken serious steps the contain COVID-19.

Check Out Ahsan Khan’s Islamic Videos With Kids.

Most nations are in a complete lockdown and celebs around the globe are creating awareness on social media. In Pakistan celebs are doing constructive and educational stuff as well. Ahsan Khan is telling Quranic stories with his kids whereas Sarwat Gilani is giving art classes daily.

Similarly, the gorgeous Aamina Sheikh is also posting videos regularly on social media. The actress is reading Urdu stories daily. Aamina picks up urdu stories which give some very important moral lessons and kids can really love them.

Check Out Sarwat Gilani’s Art Classes.

Its an amazing way of spending the quarantine time and kudos to the actress! Check out few stories below.

What happens to Aunty Cat

Mr Doctor

The Fox Gets Into Trouble

Real Wealth

An Intelligent Boy

Please Help

The Moon And The Stars


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