Year 2019 ended on a historical note for Hollywood films as English releases contributed little under PKR 2bn. For the first time in the recent history Hollywood films collected more than Pakistani films in a calendar year. Similarly, for the first time in history a Hollywood film emerged highest grossing film of the year.

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Avengers: Endgame was not only highest grossing film of 2019 rather the film also holds every possible opening box office record. This year expectations are big from English films and hollywood releases will be expected to topple PKR 2bn mark though it won’t be an easy task.

Ten films which have potential of doing big at box office are listed below in order of release date. If these films live upto expectations then these 10 films alone will take 2020 box office returns for Hollywood films close to PKR 1.5bn.

Birds Of Prey

Margot Robbie starrer will be first potential hit of 2020. The film will take good initials though they won’t be huge. The film is releasing in a very dull period i.e. February but Birds Of Prey has decent brand value hence initials won’t be a problem. The film will be eyeing biggest February opening and the target will be hitting PKR 100 million in lifetime run.


Disney’s live action “The Lion King” did monstrous business in 2019 and is 3rd highest grossing Hollywood film of the year with gross little shy of PKR 200 million. Disney will be continuing the trend of live action films with Mulan. Expecting similar results from Mulan is an uphill task as Rmazan will be arriving in four weeks. Furthermore, No Time To Die will curtail the run too. Nevertheless, the film has brand awareness and initials will be there and if the film gets accepted then PKR 100 million is possible in long run.

No Time To Die

Daniel Craig is back as James Bond with No Time To Die. The film is very hot right now and will take massive start. Action genre is best for initials and No Time To Die will be opening big. The only hurdle is Ramzan staring in two weeks time. The film has potential of hitting PKR 150 million mark but now it is down to how Ramzan will effect the film.

Black Widow

Marvel’s first film of 2020 will be Scarlett Johansson starrer Black Widow. The film will definitely be eyeing biggest business of 2020 in North America and globally. The buzz will be huge in Pakistan too but release during Ramzan will not garner big results. However, the film will continue after Ramzan into Eid holidays and summers. Its tough to tell the potential of the film right now as no film has ever been able to do big when released during Ramzan.

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Fast 9

Fast 9 will easily be the biggest Hollywood film of 2020 in Pakistan. The film is having perfect Eid release and it will be eyeing many box office records. Last film in the franchise did massive PKR 267 million business and stands tall as 2nd highest grossing film of all time. Fast 9 has all the chances of improving that number and it should become second English film ever to hit PKR 300 million mark.

Wonder Woman

Summer season is looking huge as couple of weeks after Fast 9 we will see DC’s Gal Gadot starrer Wonder Woman 1984. The sequel to 2017’s super hit, Wonder Woman 1984 will take massive start and will be eyeing big lifetime numbers. Target will be hitting PKR 150 million mark in lifetime run.

Top Gun: Maverick

Summers will get even better with Tom Cruise starrer Top Gun: Maverick. The film is extremely high in buzz and has all the potential to hit the big numbers at box office. Top Gun 2 is having perfect release timing and Tom Cruise will be unstoppable at box office. Top Gun 2 will definitely be a strong contender for top grossing film of 2020.

Jungle Cruise

Dwayne Johnson is easily the biggest box office star in Pakistan. In 2019 his film “Hobbs and Shaw” released in a dull pre-Eid season yet went on to collect more than PKR 200 million in Pakistan. This year again Dwayne Johnson starrer Disney’s Jungle Cruise will release just few days prior to Eid ul Azha. The opening won’t be as strong as Hobbs and Shaw, as the later was also carrying the brand value of Fast & Furious. However, the film will open big and if the content is accepted, the lifetime numbers can go anywhere.


Marvel’s second release of the year will be multi starrer “Eternals”. The film doesn’t have much of the brand awareness in Pakistan right now but Disney will definitely make things better in coming months. The film won’t be as hot as Black Widow or Wonder Woman but it will open big and has chances of hitting PKR 100 million mark.

Tom And Jerry

The year will be ending with bang. Warner Brothers are bringing a movie on “Tom and Jerry” during Christmas week. The brand name is huge which goes deep into small cities. The film has massive potential of doing huge business and will be challenging lifetime numbers of “The Lion King”.

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